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Maritime Chapel is a chapel on the water, servicing the mariners and offshore workers of the Gulf Coast.  Through its network of Clergy it provides Wedding, Funerals, and other religious services.  In association with Funeral at Sea it provides a quality funeral for those less fortunate souls which otherwise could not afford a proper formal funeral.

Our Mission

Is to bring clarity of mind and spirit, to those in need of it.  While easing the suffering of those in pain, be it from loss of a friend or loved one or from the knowledge of ones own mortality.  

Company Profile

Reverend Leach was ordained on November 28 1971 by the Universal Life Church and renewed his vows on October 17 2003.  He has performed burials at sea since 1978, and felt it was time to offer an environmentally friendly and extremely cost effective alternative to the funeral home system of burials.  

Reverend Leach opened Maritime Funeral Providers on July 30, 1986 to provide burials at sea, both full body burials in the traditional  form and in sea caskets, as well as the more well known ash spreading performed all over the world. At this time there are only 14 certified at sea full body burial providers in the world, not including the military's of the world.  In 2003 Maritime Funeral Providers was added to the approved Veterans program list in Houston, Texas. 

Reverend Leach realized that his small Chapel and funeral service could not cover the needs of all the souls out there needing help so Maritime Chapel and the Maritime Chaplains Association was formed on 14 March 2000 to provide services to all in need, through the association it is now possible to provide a funeral at sea, for little or no cost any place in the world.

Maritime Chapel provides Weddings, Christenings, Baptism, and Funerals, Soul Clinic form of Counseling, and so much more.

Maritime Chapel through its fundraisings and charity drives provides funerals at little or no cost to the less fortunate of Harris and the surrounding counties.  

Contact Information

Please feel free to call or mail us with any question you may have.  Also if you have any good sea prayers we would be pleased to add them to the prayers section of Funeral at Sea.




    1-866-524-2735 or 1-86 65 Chapel



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